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Couples Counselling

Has your relationship lost its spark, are you struggling to communicate effectively, are you wondering if the relationship will last.  Don't leave it until it's too late to fix.  


It is easy to lose your way in a relationship, especially when you have been together a long time.  Our lives are so busy, and we expect a great deal from our relationships.  I often find couples make assumptions about each other, not realising that we change and grow over time and sometimes in different directions and at a difference pace.    ​

Talking to someone who is independent of your relationship can help you to see a situation from a different perspective.  Sadly, couples often leave things too late for their relationship to be saved and I think in the UK there is still a stigma around accessing counselling services, it is changing but at a slow pace.


Couples Therapy can be daunting as it is fundamentally about change.  Getting a new mobile phone can feel like a huge challenge (well to me it does!), having to learn how to re-do everything can be daunting and frustrating.  So, imagine learning how to behave in a new way, having to move out of your comfort zone and change. This can be confusing and difficult even when you want to change.  As with most things trying something new takes practice until they become second nature.  I often tell couples instead of being fearful or angry show some curiosity!  This way you learn more, about yourself and your partner.

Couples Counselling
Conflict Resolution

How couples counselling works...

Sessions can take place online or in person, are 60 minutes and are weekly, again as with individual therapy, frequency of sessions can depend what we are working on.  The first session is always a joint session, where I get an overview of what the issues are, and where I start to plan what I feel is going to be required going forward.  Sometimes I may think it beneficial to meet with the couple individually, this can help to get a better understanding of where each of the couple are struggling, from their own individual perspectives.  Sometimes it helps to speak freely about how you are feeling, but this isn’t always needed.  As with individual therapy, I may use worksheets to assist with working through difficulties, and it is more common in couples therapy to suggest activities to carry out in-between sessions.   

What to expect from Couples Counselling

Online or In Person

We can work together via online sessions on Zoom, or in person at my tranquil space in Tyne and Wear. Alternatively we can do a mixture of both to suit your schedule. Your first session will always be joint, but we can take it session by session thereafter.

At your chosen frequency

Most couples who come to me choose to do so weekly, however I completely appreciate that you may be busy or have other commitments. I can recommend a frequency during our consultation - but truly it depends on how often you'd like.

Your investment

Couples Counselling is £65 per session, payable before the session begins.

Next Steps

If you'd like to move forwards and work together, here's a brief overview of how Couples Counselling could look for you. My services are always individual and personalised for you, but the below explains what you can typically expect. 

The Chat

Get in touch via one of the options on this page, and we'll have a brief talk to ensure we're right for one another.

The Consultation

Next we move onto the official consultation, this can be via Zoom or in Person to create your plan moving forwards.

The Magic

Now we begin to work together, at a frequency which suits you either via Zoom or in Person at my space in Tyne and Wear.

"We'd talked about going to counselling for a long time before we actually did it.  And now it is something we wish we'd done a lot earlier.  Andrea helped to communicate and to be curious rather than angry.  We still have our issues but can deal with them in a far more caring way than we used to.  The future is looking a lot brighter."


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