It is easy to lose your way in a relationship especially when you have been together a long time.  Lives are so busy and we expect a lot from our relationships.  I often find couples make assumptions about each other, not realising that we change and grow over time and sometimes in different directions.    ​

Talking to someone who is independent of your relationship can help you to see a situation from a different perspective.  Sadly couples often leave things too late for their relationship to be saved and I think in the UK there is still a stigma around accessing counselling services, it is changing but slowly.

Couples Therapy can be daunting as its about change.  Getting a new mobile phone can feel like a huge challenge (well to me it does!), having to learn how to re-do everything can be daunting and frustrating.  So imagine learning how to behave in a new way, having to move out of your comfort zone and change. This can be confusing and difficult even when you want to change.   As with most things trying new things takes practice until they become second nature.  I often tell couples instead of being fearful or angry show some curiosity!  This way you learn more, about yourself and your partner.