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Belief Coding®

Belief Coding ® is designed to get to the root of your limiting beliefs very quickly, typically in one session (depending on the nature of the issue).  Belief Coding® uses elements of Psychology, NLP, CBT, EFT, Meditation, Matrix Re-imprinting, Emotion Coding, Kinesiology and Energy Healing.  This bespoke method was developed by Founder Jessica Cunningham and is the most effective technique I have used.  It is designed to work with what your subconscious believes is trauma, clearing the emotional charge attached to the negative beliefs that are holding you back in life.  If you are experiencing issues with any of the following:


  • Money goals

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Creative blocks

  • Change of career or life direction

  • Curing phobias

  • Business Development

  • Chronic illnesses

  • Fertility problems

  • Managing ADHD symptoms 

  • Clearing feeling scared

  • Social Anxiety

  • Health Anxiety

Our subconscious mind controls 95% of our brain activity, this means the greater part of our decisions and actions are automatic and beyond our conscious awareness.  Have you ever felt angry but not been sure why, this is your subconscious at work.  Belief Coding ® works to identify where the limiting belief and behaviours have derived from.  Are you anxious a lot of the time, but not sure why, this again is your subconscious at work, trying to keep you safe.  

Anxiety management
Release negative beliefs

How belief coding works...

Sessions can take place online or in person and can take up to 2 hours.  This modality is a combination of counselling and coaching, it can be emotional (not always) and extremely liberating. Feedback has been incredible for this service. This technique can support with any limiting belief and creates new positive beliefs designed to help you achieve your full potential. It works with your sub-conscious to identify what it perceives as a trauma, giving us the opportunity to work to clear the limiting belief behind it. 

The process is structured and has several steps to discover what the real issue is. Together we will identify your negative and inaccurate belief, how this is making you feel, then we’ll discuss how you want to feel and come up with some new beliefs to code in. During this process, you will come up with a memory of your younger self.  This is where the work and the magic will happen. We will work with your younger self to give you what you needed at a young age. This is transformational and can be immediately effective, I have experienced this first hand.  

What to expect from Belief Coding.

Online or In Person

We can work together via online sessions on Zoom, or in person at my tranquil space in Tyne and Wear. Alternatively we can do a mixture of both to suit your schedule. 

At your chosen frequency

Most people who come to me choose to do so weekly, however I completely appreciate that you may be busy or have other commitments. I can recommend a frequency during our consultation - but truly it depends on how often you'd like.

Your investment

Belief Coding ® is £120 per session, payable before the session begins, 

Next Steps

If you'd like to move forwards and work together, here's a brief overview of how Belief Coding ® could look for you. My services are always individual and personalised for you, but the below explains what you can typically expect. 

The Chat

Get in touch via one of the options on this page, and we'll have a brief talk to ensure we're right for one another.

The Consultation

Next we move onto the official consultation, this can be via Zoom or in Person to create your plan moving forwards.

The Magic

Now we begin to work together, at a frequency which suits you either via Zoom or in Person at my space in Tyne and Wear.

"A life changing experience.  I became more and more empowered and feel better than I have in a long time.


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