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Why choose coaching instead of counselling?

Life coaching Counselling

Embrace transformation and action through coaching. Unlike counselling, coaching propels you toward self-awareness, explicit decision-making, and narrowing the divide between potential and your current reality.


While counselling repairs, coaching focuses on growth.


It acknowledges the impact of the past on the present but prioritises personal development over delving into past traumas.

At the heart of coaching lies the pivotal coach-client relationship, similar to counselling, but with nuances. Coaching sessions extend beyond the traditional therapeutic hour, often structured, interactive, and spaced out. Drawing from various models and therapeutic approaches like person-centered, solution-focused, or CBT, coaches tailor sessions to your needs.

Your coach becomes a catalyst for insightful, productive thinking. Conversations are central, complemented by exercises or tasks, fostering growth between sessions. While the process might pose challenges, it's never about judgment or disrespect—it's about guiding you towards a fulfilling journey of self-discovery and progress.

Take a look at my services...



Are you struggling with personal issues and feel you need a private and confidential space to be able to explore how you're feeling?   



Has your relationship lost its spark, are you struggling to communicate effectively, are you wondering if the relationship will last.

Don't leave it until it's too late to fix.  



Do you know what you want to achieve but you're just not sure how to get there?  Coaching works well when you have a goal insight but need to support getting there.


Belief Coding®

Belief Coding ® is designed to get to the root of your limiting beliefs very quickly, typically in one session (depending on the nature of the issue).  

Therapy Sessions
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